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What is the meaning of the furniture term Wicker?

Wicker is a general term used to refer to furniture that is made by weaving together various natural or synthetic materials. These materials can include rattan, bamboo, seagrass, willow, reed, or synthetic fibers. Wicker furniture is typically lightweight, durable, and has a distinct woven design.

It is commonly used for outdoor furniture such as patio sets, chairs, tables, and loungers, but can also be found in indoor settings like living rooms, bedrooms, or sunrooms. Wicker furniture provides a rustic and natural look and is often associated with tropical or coastal aesthetics.

Wicker is a term used to refer to a type of furniture or decorative item that is made from woven plant materials, such as rattan, reed, willow, or bamboo. It typically involves the bending of these materials into intricate patterns or designs and securing them together using various weaving techniques.

Wicker furniture is known for its lightweight, flexible, and durable nature, making it popular for outdoor patio furniture or indoor use in areas with a casual or tropical aesthetic.

General term for furniture woven of various natural or synthetic materials. Used in summer and outdoor furniture. Willow, reed, rattan, or spirally twisted paper.
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