What is the meaning of the furniture term Wig Stand?

A wig stand with drawers, designed specifically for wig dressing, offers both functionality and convenience. It provides a stable base to securely hold the wig while styling or working on it. The stand could have a small size to save space or be adjustable in height to accommodate different wig lengths.

In addition to holding the wig, this stand would include drawers for storing various materials needed for wig dressing. These drawers can be used to organize and keep things such as wig caps, hairpins, bobby pins, styling combs, brushes, hair sprays, and other accessories required for wig styling. Having these materials readily accessible and well-organized on the stand would streamline the wig dressing process.

The stand itself could be in the form of a tripod, providing stability while taking up minimal floor space. Alternatively, it could be designed as a turned pedestal, offering an elegant and stylish look, making it a decorative addition to any dressing or styling area.

Overall, a wig stand fitted with drawers offers a practical and efficient solution for wig dressing, ensuring that essential materials are within reach and neatly stored away when not in use.

Small stand, tripod, or turned pedestal fitted with drawers for materials for wig dressing.
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