What is the meaning of the furniture term Whorl?

Whorl, also known as a spiral scroll decoration, is a design motif characterized by a swirling, rotating pattern that resembles a spiral or scroll. It consists of a continuous line that starts from a central point and spirals outwards in a circular or curving motion.

The whorl design can be found in various forms of art, architecture, and decorative objects throughout history, including ancient Greek and Roman art, Celtic knots, and traditional Islamic and Chinese patterns. This motif is often used to convey a sense of movement, dynamism, and elegance in visual compositions.

In the context of furniture, the term whorl can refer to a decorative carved pattern or design element resembling a spiral or circular shape. It is often seen in the woodwork or carvings of chairs, tables, cabinets, or other decorative pieces. Whorls can add visual interest and ornate detailing to furniture, enhancing its overall aesthetics.
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