What is the meaning of the furniture term Tongue And Groove?

Tongue and groove is a common wood joint that is used to join two pieces of wood together. It consists of a continuous projecting member, called a tongue, that fits into a corresponding rabbet or groove on the other piece of wood. When the tongue is inserted into the groove, it creates a strong and seamless connection between the two pieces.

This type of joint is commonly used in flooring, paneling, and woodworking projects where a tight and secure fit is required. It provides extra stability and prevents the pieces from shifting or separating over time.

Tongue and groove joints can be created using various methods, such as using specialized router bits or a table saw with a dado blade. The size and shape of the tongue and groove can vary depending on the specific application and the thickness of the wood being used.

Overall, tongue and groove joints are popular due to their strength, aesthetic appeal, and ability to create a flush and smooth surface when joining pieces of wood together.

Wood joint, in which a continuous projecting member fits into a similar rabbet or groove.
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