What is the meaning of the furniture term Toilet Table?

A toilet table, also known as a vanity table or dressing table, is a furniture piece that typically includes a mirror and various compartments or drawers for storing toiletries, beauty products, and accessories. It is commonly used for grooming, applying makeup, and getting dressed.

Accessories commonly found on a toilet table include:

Makeup organizer. This could be a tray, drawer, or container for keeping cosmetics and brushes neatly arranged and easily accessible.

Hair tools and accessories holder. A designated spot for storing hairdryers, straighteners, curling irons, hairbrushes, hair clips, and other hair accessories.

Jewelry tray or box. A separate compartment for organizing and storing rings, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and other small accessories.

Perfume tray. A decorative tray or stand specifically designed to hold and display a collection of perfumes or colognes.

Hand mirror. A handheld mirror that can be easily detached from the table for close-up views or if additional mobility is required.

Brush and comb set. A matching set of brushes and combs that can be displayed on or stored within the table.
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