What is the meaning of the furniture term Square Leg?

Square Leg refers to a specific type of furniture leg design that has Chinese influences. These legs are typically square in shape and are often ornamented with vertical moldings or panels of sunken fretwork.

The inner surface of square legs is beveled, adding to its decorative appeal. This design is commonly found in furniture pieces with Asian or Chinese-inspired themes. It is known for its elegant and detailed craftsmanship, which adds a touch of sophistication to the overall aesthetic of the furniture.

In the context of furniture, the term square leg refers to a leg of a piece of furniture that has a square or rectangular shape. Square legs are often straightforward and have a clean, geometric design, contributing to the overall stability and sturdiness of the furniture piece. They can be found on various types of furniture such as chairs, tables, cabinets, or sofas.

Legs of Chinese influence, ornamented with vertical moldings or with panels of sunken fretwork. The inner surface was beveled.
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