What is the meaning of the furniture term Square Back Chair?

A square back chair is a type of chair that features a square-shaped backrest. It is known for its clean and sharp lines, offering a contemporary and modern look. The square back design provides excellent support and comfort to the user.

A typical Sheraton chairback refers to a chair back design that is commonly associated with the Sheraton style of furniture, which was popular during the late 18th century. Sheraton chairs are characterized by elegant and delicate proportions, often featuring decorative elements such as carved or inlaid designs.

When combined, a square back chair with a typical Sheraton chair back design would feature a square-shaped backrest with the refined and ornate details commonly seen in Sheraton style furniture. This combination creates a unique blend of modern and traditional aesthetics, making it a versatile and timeless seating option for various interior design styles.
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