Furniture Glossary

What is the meaning of the furniture term Lunette?

In the context of furniture, a lunette refers to a semi-circular or arched opening or window, typically found in architectural elements such as doors, panels, or cabinets. It is often adorned with decorative motifs or glass insets, adding aesthetic appeal to furniture pieces. The term lunette is derived from the Latin word luna, meaning moon or crescent, which describes the shape of the opening. Semicircular space. A half-moon shape filled with inlay, carving, or painting.
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Masa Toaleta Tapitata Machiaj Reducere
Masa Toaleta Tapitata Machiaj

Tapiteria de catifea asigura un nivel suplimentar de confort si lux pe parcursul utilizarii mesei. Catifeaua este moale si placuta la atingere, oferind astfel un mediu confortabil in timp ce te ocupi..

What is the meaning of the art term Dry Pigment?

Dry pigment refers to finely ground, powdered colorants that are used in various applications such as painting, ceramics, textiles, and cosmetics. These pigments are typically derived from minerals, metals, or organic sources and do not contain any binders or liquid mediums.

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