Furniture Glossary

What is the meaning of the furniture term Lozenge?

In the context of furniture, a lozenge refers to a shape or pattern that is diamond-shaped, with two acute angles and two obtuse angles. It can be used to describe the shape of certain furniture pieces, such as tables or consoles, or the design incorporated into upholstery, woodwork, or decorative elements. The lozenge shape is often seen as an elegant and timeless design choice in furniture. Diamond-shaped. Overlays, panels, inserts of diamond shape.
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Masina Polisare Trepte Mondial

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What is the meaning of the art term Dry Pigment?

Dry pigment refers to finely ground, powdered colorants that are used in various applications such as painting, ceramics, textiles, and cosmetics. These pigments are typically derived from minerals, metals, or organic sources and do not contain any binders or liquid mediums.

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