What is the meaning of the furniture term Butternut?

Also known as white walnut, it is similar to black walnut. Only its color is lighter and texture is softer. Butternut is a term used in the furniture industry to refer to a type of wood or a specific finish color. Butternut wood, also known as white walnut, is a light to medium brown hardwood that is commonly used in cabinetry and furniture making. It has a straight grain and a smooth texture, often resembling walnut but lighter in color. Butternut wood is prized for its workability and is often used for carving or woodworking projects. Butternut can also refer to a finish color used on furniture. In this context, butternut typically refers to a warm, light brown color that resembles the natural tone of butternut wood. Furniture finished in butternut may have a slightly yellowish or honey hue, giving it a warm and inviting appearance.
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