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What is the meaning of the furniture term Bolection?

Important projecting molding, used to frame a large panel, or fireplace. The term bolection refers to a specific type of architectural molding that is commonly used in the design of furniture. This molding typically features a raised rectangular panel with sloping edges, creating a three-dimensional effect. It is often used to add depth, visual interest, and a sense of grandeur to furniture pieces such as doors, cabinets, and paneling. The bolection molding is typically made from wood or a composite material and has been used in furniture design for several centuries.
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Masa Cafea Lemn Trestie La Reducere
Masa Cafea Lemn Trestie

De-a lungul frontului sertarelor, masa de cafea are modele incantatoare realizate din trestie tesuta manual. Aceste modele adauga un element decorativ frumos si unic mesei si evidentiaza atentia la detalii a lucratorilor artizani...

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