What is the meaning of the furniture term Wing?

The wing of a piece of furniture refers to the projecting side or extension, often found on chairs or sofas. The wing is usually located on the sides of the backrest, extending outwards.

It is designed to provide additional support and comfort, creating a visual and physical barrier between the user and the surrounding environment. The wing helps to enclose the seated area, providing a sense of security and privacy. In some cases, the wing may also act as armrests for added convenience.

In the context of furniture, a wing refers to an upholstered piece of furniture with side panels (known as wings) that extend from the backrest to the armrests. These wings are typically rounded and create a wing-like shape. This design element is commonly seen in chairs and sofas and serves multiple purposes.

Primarily, the wings provide added support and comfort by enclosing the sides of the seating area, helping to keep the users body in an upright and cozy position. Additionally, they can act as a shield from drafts or offer a sense of privacy when one is seated. The term wing is derived from the wing shape created by these side panels.
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