What is the meaning of the furniture term Wing Chair?

A wing chair is a comfortable and cozy large chair with side pieces or wings that extend up from the armrests to provide support for the head and neck. It is typically upholstered and overstuffed with cushioning for added comfort.

The side pieces, also known as wings, were originally designed to shield the sitter from drafts, hence the name. Today, however, wing chairs are primarily valued for their stylish and elegant appearance. With their classic design and plush cushions, they make a perfect addition to a living room or study where you can relax and unwind.

A wing chair is a type of furniture that typically has a tall, wing-shaped backrest, hence the name. The backrest of a wing chair is constructed with side panels that usually extend from the armrests to the top of the chair back, forming a wing shape.

These wing panels were originally designed to shield the sitter from drafts and cold air in older, poorly insulated houses. Wing chairs often have a cozy and enclosed feel, providing support and comfort to the person sitting in it. They are commonly used as accent chairs in living rooms, libraries, or study rooms.
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