What is the meaning of the furniture term Window Seat?

A window seat is a type of seating arrangement usually built into the recessed area of a window. It is designed to provide a comfortable sitting area for individuals to enjoy the view outside or engage in activities like reading or lounging. Window seats come in various styles and designs, including:

Bench with two ends. This is a simple and classic design where a wooden or upholstered bench is placed in the recessed window area. It typically has two armrests or ends on either side, providing support and comfort to the person sitting.

Bench with arms. Similar to the bench with two ends, this design includes armrests on both sides of the bench. The arms add additional seating comfort and create a cozy corner for relaxation.

Backless settee. A backless settee is a small upholstered sofa-like seating option that can be placed in the embrasure of a window. It doesnt have a backrest but usually includes armrests or ends for support. Backless settees can be a stylish addition to a window seat, providing a unique seating arrangement.

Window seats are often accompanied by cushions or pillows to enhance comfort and aesthetics. They can be custom-built to fit the exact dimensions of a window or may come as standalone furniture pieces that can be placed near windows. Window seats offer a cozy and intimate spot to enjoy the view, bask in natural light, or create a nook for relaxation within a room.

Bench with two ends, as arms, or a small backless settee used in the embrasure of a window.
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