What is the meaning of the furniture term Welting?

Welting is a narrow fabric edging or border that is sewn into the seams of upholstery to provide a finished look and add visual interest. It is usually made from the same or a contrasting fabric as the upholstery and is sewn in a round section along the edges of cushions, pillows, or other upholstered items.

Welting helps to strengthen the seams and prevent fraying, while also providing a decorative accent that can enhance the overall appearance of the upholstery.

Welting, in the context of furniture, refers to a decorative and functional detail that involves sewing a fabric-covered cord or strip along the seams and edges of upholstery.

The welting is typically made from a contrasting or coordinating fabric and is used to strengthen the seams, hide any raw edges, and enhance the overall aesthetic appearance of the furniture piece. It can be found on various furniture items such as sofas, chairs, cushions, and pillows. Welting is also known as piping or cording.

Narrow fabric edging or border of round section sewed into the seams of upholstery for finish and accent.
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