What is the meaning of the furniture term Webfoot?

The term webfoot typically refers to the characteristic shape of a foot or leg resembling the webbed feet of animals like ducks or geese. In the context of a cabriole leg, which is a type of furniture leg commonly found in Queen Anne and Chippendale styles, a webfoot refers to a specific feature or ornamentation on the foot of the leg.

In furniture design, a webfoot can be either grooved or carved to create a visual effect of webbing. This grooving or carving technique is used to mimic the webbed appearance seen in the feet of certain animals. It adds a decorative touch to the cabriole leg, enhancing its aesthetic appeal.

The webfoot design is often found on the curved feet of chairs, tables, or any other furniture pieces featuring cabriole legs. It is frequently used in traditional and antique furniture styles, especially those influenced by the Queen Anne and Chippendale periods. The webfoot detail serves as an elegant and sophisticated element, adding character to the furniture piece.
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