What is the meaning of the furniture term Turkish Rocker?

A Turkish Rocker refers to a type of chair that originated in Turkey and became popular in the 19th century. The chair is known for its unique design, which allows it to rock back and forth. The Turkish Rocker typically features a wooden frame with intricate carvings and is often adorned with upholstery, such as fabric or leather.

On the other hand, an overstuffed easy chair refers to a comfortable type of armchair that is generously padded and cushioned. It gained popularity in the 19th century America, as people desired more comfortable seating options. The chair usually has wide armrests and a deep, plush seating area, offering a cozy and relaxing experience.

When these two styles are combined, it forms a Turkish Rocker mounted on a spring platform. This means that the Turkish Rocker is set on a platform that incorporates springs, allowing for a smoother rocking motion. It combines the traditional Turkish design with the comfortable, overstuffed features of an American easy chair, creating a unique and luxurious seating experience.
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