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What is the meaning of the furniture term Triangle Chair?

A Triangle Chair, also known as a Corner Chair or Triangle Seat, is a type of chair that is made of turned posts and rungs arranged in a triangular plan. The chairs design features a triangular-shaped seat and backrest, giving it a unique and distinctive appearance.

The chairs frame is typically constructed with three legs and a series of horizontal rungs that connect the legs together, forming the triangular shape. The rungs provide stability and support to the chair, while the turned posts add a decorative element.

Triangle Chairs were popular during the 18th century and were often used as corner chairs, hence the name Corner Chair. They were commonly placed in the corners of rooms, taking advantage of the chairs triangular design to fit neatly into tight spaces.

Today, Triangle Chairs are often sought after as decorative pieces or as unique seating options in modern interiors. They can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, or even plastic, depending on the desired style and function.

Triangle Chairs are known for their distinctive design and ability to add both style and functionality to any space.Corner chair. Chair made of turned posts and rungs on a triangular plan. Also called Triangle Seat.
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