What is the meaning of the furniture term Towel Rail?

In the 18th century, towel rails, racks, or frameworks were commonly used with washstands to hang towels. They were designed to hold towels and allow them to air-dry after use. This type of towel storage device was often referred to as a towel horse as well.

Towel rails or racks in the 18th century were typically made of wood or metal, with horizontal bars or rungs where towels could be hung. Some designs featured additional hooks or pegs for holding other bathroom essentials such as brushes or cloths. These towel storage solutions were often placed near washstands or in bathrooms, allowing easy access to towels while ensuring they dried efficiently.

The use of towel rails or racks in the 18th century not only facilitated towel drying but also helped to keep towels organized and prevent them from falling onto the floor. They were an essential component of the washstand setup, promoting cleanliness and hygiene practices during that time.
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