What is the meaning of the furniture term Tilt Top Table?

A tilt top table is a type of table where the tabletop is hinged to the base or pedestal, allowing it to be tilted to a vertical position. This feature enables the table to save space when not in use or to display the decorative features of the top.

When the tabletop is in its horizontal position, it functions as a regular table surface for various activities such as dining, writing, or working. However, when the need for additional space arises or when one wants to highlight the intricate design or materials of the tabletop, it can be easily tilted.

Tilting the tabletop is typically accomplished by releasing a locking mechanism or by loosening a fastener. Once released, the tabletop can be gently lifted and tilted upwards towards a vertical position, supported by the base or pedestal. It can then be secured in place by re-engaging the locking mechanism or tightening the fastener.

The flexibility of a tilt top table makes it a versatile piece of furniture, especially in smaller living spaces or multi-functional areas. It provides the option to temporarily clear space when not in use, allowing for easier movement around the room or the ability to use the table for other purposes. Additionally, tilting the top can reveal any intricate carvings, patterns, or unique materials that might be present, adding a decorative element to the space.

Tilt top tables are available in a variety of styles and designs to suit different aesthetics and needs. They can be found in various materials such as wood, metal, or glass, and can range from simple and minimalistic to ornate and intricately detailed. Some tilt top tables also come with additional features such as adjustable heights or removable tops to further enhance their functionality.

A tilt top table offers the convenience of saving space and the opportunity to showcase the decorative elements of the tabletop, making it a practical and stylish choice for both functional and aesthetic purposes.

Tabletop hinged to the base or pedestal so that it may be tipped to a vertical position to save space or to display the decorative features of the top.
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