What is the meaning of the furniture term Therm Foot?

Therm Foot, also known as a thermal foot, this term refers to a type of foot commonly used in the construction industry. It is usually made of metal or plastic and is used to provide a stable base for something, such as a piece of equipment, by distributing the weight evenly over a larger surface area. The therm foot is designed to minimize heat transfer and is often used in applications where thermal insulation is important.

Tapered foot of rectangular plan refers to a type of foot or base with a rectangular shape that tapers or narrows towards one end. It is often used in furniture design, particularly in table legs or chair legs, to provide stability and balance. The tapered shape not only adds an aesthetic appeal to the furniture piece but also helps distribute the weight evenly, preventing the furniture from toppling over.

The term spade foot typically refers to a furniture leg design that resembles the shape of a spade, similar to the playing card suit. It is commonly seen in antique furniture styles, particularly from the 18th century, such as Chippendale or Sheraton furniture. The spade foot adds a decorative element to the furniture and provides stability by having a wider and flatter base that distributes weight evenly.
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