What is the meaning of the furniture term Tabernacle?

A tabernacle is a niche or recess in a piece of furniture, typically a cabinet, designed to securely hold or display a statue or vase. It is often found in religious settings, particularly in churches, where it serves as a place to house and honor sacred objects or relics. The tabernacle is usually adorned with decorative elements and may have a door or covering to protect the enclosed item.

In the context of furniture, the term Tabernacle typically refers to a small cabinet or cupboard, often elaborately decorated and used for storing religious artifacts or sacred objects. It is commonly found in churches or other religious spaces. The design of a tabernacle can vary, but it often features ornate carvings, gilded accents, and has a door that can be locked to secure its contents.

Niche or recess in a piece of furniture, such as a cabinet for a statue or vase.
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