What is the meaning of the furniture term Straight Pediment?

A straight pediment in the context of a cabinet or secretary refers to a horizontal, unbroken and uninterrupted top portion that extends across the entire width of the furniture piece.

Unlike other types of pediments, such as the triangular or gable pediments, a straight pediment does not have any angular or sloping elements. It is characterized by a flat, straight line at the top, creating a clean and symmetrical appearance.

A straight pediment is a term commonly used in furniture design and architecture. It refers to a decorative element found at the top of a piece of furniture or a building, typically a cabinet, bookcase, or similar item. A straight pediment consists of a horizontal cornice (projection at the top) with two vertical, straight sides that usually support a decorative frieze or panel.

This pediment design is characterized by its clean and simple lines, without any curves or additional ornamentation. Straight pediments are commonly seen in Neoclassical and Georgian furniture styles, adding a sense of elegance and symmetry to the overall design.

Triangular or gable pediment of a cabinet or secretary. Unbroken and uninterrupted.
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