What is the meaning of the furniture term Squirrel Cage?

A squirrel cage is a type of revolving framework that is commonly found on top of the pedestal of a tilt-top table. The squirrel cage serves as a support system for the top, upon which it is pivoted. It allows the top to be easily tilted and locked in various positions.

The design of the squirrel cage typically consists of a circular or oval shape with curved bars or spokes that radiate from the center to the outer edge. This framework provides stability and support to the tilt-top table, allowing for easy rotation and adjustment of the top.

In the context of furniture, the term squirrel cage typically refers to a type of table base or support structure. It consists of a central vertical post or column surrounded by a series of horizontal bars or rings, resembling the shape of a squirrels cage or wheel. This design provides stability and structural support to the table, often used in coffee tables or accent tables.

Revolving framework on top of the pedestal of a tilt-top table, upon which the top is pivoted.
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