What is the meaning of the furniture term Spooning?

Spooning in the context of wooden chair seats refers to the process of hollowing out the surface of the seat to make it more comfortable and ergonomic for the person sitting on it. This technique involves removing a portion of the wood material from the center part of the seat, creating a concave shape that conforms to the shape of the human body.

By spooning out the seat, the chair provides a more supportive and comfortable seating experience. The hollowed-out surface helps distribute the weight and pressure evenly, reducing discomfort and allowing for better posture. Spooning is commonly used in chairs, stools, and other seating furniture that prioritize comfort.

Woodworkers and craftsmen typically achieve spooning through various techniques, such as carving, sanding, or using specialized tools. The depth and shape of the spooned surface can vary depending on the desired level of comfort and design aesthetics.

Spooning enhances the ergonomics of wooden chair seats, making them more inviting and suitable for extended periods of sitting.

Hollowed-out surface, such as wooden chair seats. Also Spooned Out.
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