What is the meaning of the furniture term Split Spindle?

A split spindle is a specialized type of spindle used in chairbacks to enhance user comfort. By replacing traditional turned spindles, they provide a more ergonomic seating experience by reducing the discomfort associated with protruding turnings.

A split spindle is a type of spindle used in chairbacks where the projecting turnings might be uncomfortable. It is designed to provide a more comfortable and ergonomic seating experience by eliminating or reducing the discomfort caused by the traditional turned spindles.

Instead of having a solid, continuous shape, a split spindle consists of two separate pieces that are usually mounted side by side. This design allows for more flexibility and cushioning effect, as the split between the two pieces can absorb some of the pressure exerted by the person sitting on the chair.

The split spindle is commonly used in chairs where the backrest incorporates multiple vertical spindles. By replacing some or all of the traditional spindles with split spindles, the chair design becomes more accommodating and ergonomic for the user. This is especially relevant for chairs used for prolonged periods, such as dining chairs or office chairs.

Split spindles can be made from various materials, including wood, metal, or plastic. They are often shaped and finished to match the overall aesthetics of the chair, ensuring a seamless integration within the chairs design.

Used in chairbacks as spindles where the projecting turnings might be uncomfortable.
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