What is the meaning of the furniture term Slip Seat?

A slip seat refers to a type of chair seat that is a separate upholstered wood frame. It is designed to be inserted or slipped into the framework of the chair seat. This allows for easy removal and replacement of the seat if needed.

Slip seats are commonly found in dining chairs and other types of upholstered seating. They provide comfort and support to the person sitting on the chair.

The furniture term slip seat refers to a removable seat cushion that can be slipped or easily replaced on a chair, stool, or bench. It is typically made of foam or padded material and is often covered with fabric or leather.

Slip seats are commonly used in dining chairs or occasional seating where the cushion may need to be cleaned, repaired, or replaced. The slip seat design allows for convenient maintenance and customization options.

A separate upholstered wood frame, let into the framework of the chair seat. Same as Loose seat.
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