What is the meaning of the furniture term Six-Back?

A Six-Back, Ladder-back chair with six slats refers to a specific type of chair design. It typically features a backrest made up of six horizontal slats that are evenly spaced and slightly arched for added comfort. The term ladder-back comes from the resemblance of the backrest to a ladder, with the slats acting as the rungs. This type of chair combines a traditional, rustic aesthetic with ergonomic considerations.

The term Six-Back in furniture refers to a design or style that features six vertical panels or slats on the backrest of a chair, bench, or other seating furniture. These panels are typically evenly spaced and can be made of various materials, such as wood or upholstery. The six-back design provides support and adds decorative detailing to the furniture piece.

Ladder-back chair with six slats, slightly arched.
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