What is the meaning of the furniture term Sinkage?

Sinkage in furniture refers to the downward displacement or depression that occurs when someone sits or applies weight on a piece of furniture, such as a sofa or mattress. It refers to how much the furniture item sinks or becomes compressed due to the weight applied, and it is often used as a measurement or indicator of comfort and support.

Sinkage can also refer to the process of making intentional depressions or dents in furniture for decorative purposes, such as in certain types of carved or textured woodwork.

Sinkage refers to the process of a surface sinking or becoming lower due to external force or pressure. This can occur in various materials, such as soil or concrete, and can be caused by factors like weight or erosion.

A dropped or set-back surface refers to a surface, typically a floor or platform, that is positioned lower than the surrounding area. This can be done intentionally for design purposes or to accommodate specific needs, such as accessibility or functionality.

A set-in panel in a post or pilaster refers to a flat or recessed area within a vertical structure, such as a post or pilaster. This panel is typically set into the surface, creating a visually appealing design element or providing space for additional features, such as signage or decorative details.

Dropped or set-back surface. Set-in panel in post or pilaster.
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