What is the meaning of the furniture term Show Wood?

Wood is commonly used in the construction of upholstered chairs to provide support, stability, and aesthetics. In an upholstered chair, there are various exposed parts made of wood that can be seen, such as:

1. Wood Arm: The armrests of an upholstered chair are often made of wood and can be either intricately carved or have a simple design.

2. Wood Frame: The frame of the chair, which provides the underlying structure and support, is typically made of wood. It forms the outline that holds the upholstery in place.

3. Wood Apron: The apron is a decorative and functional piece of wood running along the bottom of the chairs seat. It connects the legs, adds stability, and can have ornate detailing.

4. Wood Post: Some chairs may have wooden posts, which are vertical supports typically found on the corners or sides of the chair. They provide additional stability and can be embellished or carved for aesthetic purposes.

5. Wood Leg: The legs of an upholstered chair are commonly made of wood and can come in various shapes and designs. They provide support and elevate the chair off the ground.

These exposed wooden parts of upholstered chairs can be finished or stained to complement the overall design and style of the chair.

The exposed parts of an upholstered chair, such as a wood arm, frame, apron, post, or leg.
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