What is the meaning of the furniture term Shoe?

A shoe, in the context of wooden turnings, refers to a small turned disk that is used as a decorative element. It can be seen on the bottom of balusters or spindles, providing a finishing touch to the woodwork.

Additionally, a shoe can also refer to a fillet under a scroll. In this case, it is a small molding or narrow strip of wood that is placed underneath a scroll-shaped element, adding ornamentation and enhancing its appearance.

Furthermore, the term shoe can be used to describe a metal cup terminal designed to fit over the end of a foot or leg of a piece of furniture. It acts as a protective and decorative element, preventing the foot from damaging the flooring or other surfaces. These metal shoe terminals come in various styles and designs to complement the overall aesthetics of the furniture piece.

A small turned disk on wooden turnings, or fillet under a scroll. A metal cup terminal for a foot.
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