What is the meaning of the furniture term Secret Drawer?

A secret drawer is a small hidden compartment found in old chests, desks, or other furniture pieces. It is typically used for storing valuable papers or other precious items discreetly.

The secret drawer is designed to blend seamlessly with the rest of the piece, often concealed by a false panel, a removable molding, or a hidden latch mechanism. Its purpose is to provide a secure and discreet storage space for important and cherished belongings.

A secret drawer is a hidden compartment in furniture that is designed to be concealed and not easily visible. It is often built into the structure of the furniture piece and is intended to provide a discreet storage solution.

The secret drawer can be accessed through various mechanisms such as hidden locks, removable panels, or concealed handles. Its purpose is to provide additional storage space while maintaining the aesthetics and functionality of the furniture.

Small, hidden compartment in old chest, desk, used for storing valuable papers.
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