What is the meaning of the furniture term Scroll?

The term scroll in furniture refers to an ornament or decorative element that takes the form of a spiral or convolute shape. This scroll design has been widely used in various furniture styles, such as Baroque, Rococo, and Neoclassical.

Scroll motifs can be found on chair legs, table aprons, cabinet doors, headboards, and other furniture parts, adding a sense of elegance and intricacy to the overall design. These decorative scrolls can be carved, gilded, or even cast in metal, depending on the specific style and craftsmanship.

In the context of furniture, the term scroll typically refers to a decorative motif or design element characterized by a curved or spiral shape. This design element resembles the rolled parchment or scroll used in ancient times for writing.

Scrolls can be found in various forms in furniture, such as on the arms or legs of chairs and sofas, the tops or sides of cabinets, headboards or footboards of beds, and other decorative details. They are often used to add elegance, embellish the piece, and create a visually pleasing aesthetic.

Ornament of spiral or convolute form.
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