What is the meaning of the furniture term Scroll Top?

The term Scroll Top refers to a type of broken pediment found in furniture design. A broken pediment is a decorative element often used on the top of cabinets, bookcases, or other tall furniture pieces. It consists of a segmented pediment, where the central portion is elevated and separated from the two side sections.

In the case of a Scroll Top broken pediment, the central elevated portion is formed by two S or cyma curves. These curves resemble the shape of a scroll, giving the broken pediment a graceful and decorative appearance. Due to its resemblance to a swans neck, this type of broken pediment is also commonly referred to as Swan-neck.

The Scroll Top broken pediment is often seen in traditional or classical furniture styles, adding an elegant and ornate touch to the overall design. It is typically crafted from wood and can be adorned with additional decorative elements such as finials or acanthus leaf carvings.

Broken pediment formed by two S or cyma curves. Also called Swan-neck.
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