What is the meaning of the furniture term Scribanne?

The Scribanne is a type of furniture that originated in the 18th century and was commonly used as a secretary or commode. It was predominantly made by Dutch and Flemish craftsmen.

The Scribanne is characterized by its distinctive design, combining elements of a writing desk and a chest of drawers. It typically features a hinged fall-front writing surface that opens up to reveal a fitted interior with various compartments and drawers for storing stationery, writing implements, and documents.

The exterior of the Scribanne often showcases intricate marquetry or veneer work, displaying a combination of different woods, exotic materials, or even painted designs. The craftsmanship of the Dutch and Flemish artisans is evident in the attention to detail, precise joinery, and fine finishing of these pieces.

As both a practical and decorative piece of furniture, the Scribanne served the purpose of providing a writing surface while also offering ample storage space. It was often placed in living rooms or offices of affluent households, serving as a symbol of wealth, refinement, and intellect.

The Dutch and Flemish craftsmen of the 18th century were highly skilled and renowned for their expertise in furniture making. The Scribanne stands as a testament to their craftsmanship and serves as a valuable artifact representing the furniture styles and design aesthetics of the period.

18th century secretary or commode, made by the Dutch and Flemish.
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