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What is the meaning of the furniture term Scratch Carving?

Scratch carving is a basic and crude form of carving that is typically done using a V-chisel. It involves making shallow cuts or scratches in a material, usually wood or similar soft materials.

The process of scratch carving is fairly simple. A V-chisel is a carving tool with a V-shaped cutting edge, which is used to create the scratches. The carver holds the tool and applies pressure to the surface of the material, dragging the chisel across it to make shallow lines.

The lines created by scratch carving can be various depths and widths, depending on the pressure applied and the angle of the chisel. This technique is often used to create basic designs, patterns, or textures on the surface of the material.

Due to its simplicity and minimal tools required, scratch carving is often used by beginners or those looking for a quick and easy way to add visual interest to their carvings. It can also be a good technique for practicing and improving carving skills before moving on to more complex methods.

However, scratch carving is limited in its ability to create intricate details or three-dimensional forms. It is best suited for simple designs and decorative elements rather than highly detailed sculptures.

Crude form of carving done with a V-chisel.
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Lavoar Suspendat Sertare Preturi Mici
Lavoar Suspendat Sertare

Designul lavoarului si al bazei este simplu, dar elegant, asa ca se va potrivi in orice tip de baie, fie ca este vorba despre un spatiu mic sau mare. Montarea este usoara si rapida datorita sistemului..

What is the meaning of the furniture term Bracket?

A wall lighting fixture. Or a small ornamental shelf. A supporting member between the leg and seat of a table or chair. A bracket refers to a support or brace used to strengthen or reinforce certain structural elements of a piece of furniture. It can be a metal or wooden attachment that connects and provides additional stability to different parts of a furniture piece, such as legs, shelves, or corners. Brackets can come in various shapes and sizes, depending on their intended purpose and the design of the furniture piece they are used in.

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