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What is the meaning of the furniture term Rudder?

In the context of a drop-leaf table, a rudder support refers to a similar mechanism employed to stabilize and support the hinged leaf of the table when it is extended. The rudder support is designed with an outline resembling that of a ships rudder, allowing it to fold or swing inwards when not in use.

When the drop-leaf table is fully extended, the rudder support is pulled out and locked into position, providing additional support to the leaf and ensuring stability. It prevents the extended leaf from sagging under weight or sliding downward due to gravity.

The rudder support is typically made of metal or sturdy wood and is hinged or linked to the table structure, allowing easy folding and unfolding. It plays a vital role in maintaining the structural integrity of the drop-leaf table when it is extended, making it a functional and practical addition to this type of furniture.

A support for the leaf of a drop-leaf table, similar to a ships rudder in outline.
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