What is the meaning of the furniture term Refectory Table?

A refectory table is a long, narrow table with a solid, sturdy construction and usually a thick top. It originated during the medieval times and was commonly found in monasteries, abbeys, and refectories (dining halls). The term refectory refers to a communal dining room in these institutions.

Refectory tables are known for their simple, rustic design, often crafted from solid wood such as oak or pine. They typically have straight legs and minimal decorative details. The length of the table allows for many people to be seated and accommodates large gatherings.

In contemporary furniture, the term refectory table is often used to describe dining tables that follow the same design style, even if they are not used specifically in refectories. These tables remain popular for their timeless and versatile design, often seen in farmhouse or traditional-style home settings.

Long narrow table, with heavy stretchers close to the floor, called after the dining room of the monks.
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