Furniture Glossary

What is the meaning of the furniture term Plywood?

Several thicknesses of plies of wood glued together so that the grain of any one ply is at right angles to the grain of the adjacent ply.
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Queen Biscuit Tufted Upholstered Fabric Platform Bed

Modway Furniture
Julia's sturdy, low-profile plywood frame sits atop four splayed and tapered wood Queen Biscuit Tufted Upholstered Fabric Platform Bed.
Terracina Marble Drawer Dresser Mirror

Progressive Furniture
This dresser has linen-fold shaped top drawers and framed drawers, rounded pilasters, Terracina Marble Drawer Dresser Mirror.
White Leatherette Sectional Sofa

Vig Furniture
Made of solid wood & plywood frame, it features a right facing chaise, adjustable White Leatherette Sectional Sofa.

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