Furniture Glossary

What is the meaning of the furniture term Madrone?

Madrone is a term used to refer to a type of wood commonly used in furniture making. It is derived from the Madrona tree, also known as Arbutus, which is native to the western parts of North America. Madrone wood is known for its rich, reddish-brown color with streaks of pink and orange, along with a distinctive grain pattern. It is a highly sought-after hardwood for furniture due to its unique beauty and durability. Brown-red burl, regular texture and figure from the Pacific coast.
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Fierastrau Circular Mana Zidarie Pret Redus
Fierastrau Circular Mana Zidarie Makita

Reductorul si aparatoarea sunt turnate sub presiune din aliaj de aluminiu, ceea ce face ca fierastraul sa fie robust si durabil in timp. Datele tehnice ale fierastraului sunt urmatoarele: putere absorbita..

What is the meaning of the furniture term Bracket?

A wall lighting fixture. Or a small ornamental shelf. A supporting member between the leg and seat of a table or chair. A bracket refers to a support or brace used to strengthen or reinforce certain structural elements of a piece of furniture. It can be a metal or wooden attachment that connects and provides additional stability to different parts of a furniture piece, such as legs, shelves, or corners. Brackets can come in various shapes and sizes, depending on their intended purpose and the design of the furniture piece they are used in.

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