What is the meaning of the furniture term Interrupted Pediment?

An interrupted pediment refers to a decorative feature commonly found in architecture and furniture design. In furniture, a pediment is a triangular or arched element located on the top or front of a piece, typically above a case or a mirror. It is often associated with classical or neoclassical styles. An interrupted pediment is a variation of a traditional pediment where the triangular shape is modified or altered in some way, usually by partially cutting or breaking its outline. This modification creates an interrupted or incomplete visual effect, as if the pediment has been interrupted or interrupted by another element. The purpose of using an interrupted pediment in furniture design is mainly decorative. It adds complexity and visual interest to the piece, making it stand out as a unique and eye-catching design element. Interrupted pediments can be seen in a variety of furniture, such as bookcases, cabinets, armoires, or architectural elements like doorways and window frames. Also Broken pediment.
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