What is the meaning of the furniture term Hogarth Chair?

The term Hogarth chair refers to a style of chair that was popularized during the mid-18th century in England. It is named after the famous English painter William Hogarth, who often depicted this type of chair in his paintings. The Hogarth chair typically features a high, arched backrest with a central splat or vertical panel, often decorated with intricate carving or fretwork. The chair usually has straight arms, sometimes with scrolled or upholstered ends, and sits on four cabriole legs. It is typically made of high-quality wood, such as mahogany, and may be upholstered in fabric or leather. The Hogarth chair represents a blend of traditional and rococo influences, showcasing a distinctive and elegant design. 18th century English chair with hoop back and pierced splat, and straight cabriole leg.
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