Furniture Glossary

What is the meaning of the furniture term Frieze?

The term Frieze refers to a decorative band or border typically found on the horizontal surface of a piece, such as a table or the top of a dresser. It is usually carved or embellished with decorative motifs or patterns. The frieze is situated between the top surface and the legs or the body of the furniture, adding visual interest and aesthetic appeal to the overall design. Central part of the entablature, between the architrave and cornice. Decoratively treated with formal ornament, inscriptions, painted or inlaid detail.
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Cada Baie Incastrata Ravak Reduceri Si Oferte.
Cada Baie Incastrata

Cada pentru montaj prin inzidire este livrata cu un set de picioare ajustabile, care permite reglarea inaltimii intre 14,5 si 18 cm. Aceasta poate fi adaptata in functie de nevoile fiecarui utilizator..

What is the meaning of the art term Dry Pigment?

Dry pigment refers to finely ground, powdered colorants that are used in various applications such as painting, ceramics, textiles, and cosmetics. These pigments are typically derived from minerals, metals, or organic sources and do not contain any binders or liquid mediums.

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