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What is the meaning of the furniture term Elm?

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Answer: Also Ulmus. A wood with very light-brown color, and porous texture. Used as decorative veneers.
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Home decoration items more or less related to the term Elm

Elm Wood Rectangle Dining Table Madison

Elm Wood Rectangle Dining Table Madison The beauty of old elm year old core of wood prevents any cracking or movement of
Country Weathered Elm Bedroom

Country Weathered Elm Bedroom Add some country charm into your bedroom with this sweet moira bed set.
Bench Grey Elm

Bench Grey Elm J furniture bench grey elm elegance, simplicity, ity. Matching bench for dining table.
Cocktail Table Elm

Cocktail Table Elm Clean lines make delight to rooms. Made mdf asian hardwood fold in leafs make table
Modern Elm Outdoor Dining Chair White

Modern Elm Outdoor Dining Chair White Leisuremod modern elm indoor outdoor dining chair, white, set of 2 made of polypropylene

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