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What is the meaning of the furniture term Dowel?

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Answer: Round wooden pin or peg fitted into holes in two adjacent pieces of wood, with glue to hold them together.

Home decoration items more or less related to the term Dowel

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Friddle Panel Bed Every day can be a day spent on vacation at a coastal resort with this collection.
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Compartment Classroom Cabinet Casters Jt1872 lock n keys kydzhinges are full length piano hinges that minimize the chance
Coat Locker

Coat Locker Ccst1030 cam and dowel constructionrounded corners premium collectionsolid wood constructioncpsia
Leather Loveseat

Leather Loveseat A well recognized icon of Rashad Leather Loveseat design. Free flowing, airy and
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Dingler Sofa This reproduction of this mid century modern icon features heavy down feather overstuffed

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