What is the meaning of the furniture term Cromwellian?

The term Cromwellian refers to a style of furniture that emerged during the time of Oliver Cromwells rule in England, particularly during the mid-17th century (Commonwealth period). This style is characterized by its robust and heavy appearance, influenced by the Dutch and Flemish Renaissance styles of the time. Cromwellian furniture often featured carved details in oak, with sturdy construction and a sense of solidity. It typically showcased simple geometric patterns and motifs, reflecting a more austere and less extravagant aesthetic compared to the preceding Jacobean and Elizabethan styles. The Cromwellian style of furniture is often associated with Puritan values and the asceticism of the period. Furniture of the time of Puritan domination in England, named after Oliver Cromwell. A severe, undecorated version of the Jacobean style.
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