What is the meaning of the furniture term Counter-Boulle?

Brass groundwork with tortoise-shell inlay. The furniture term Counter-Boulle refers to a decorative technique in furniture making that involves using contrasting materials, typically wood and metal, to create intricate patterns and decorative motifs. It is a variation of the Boulle technique, which was popularized by André-Charles Boulle, a celebrated French cabinetmaker during the 17th century. In Counter-Boulle, instead of using tortoiseshell and metal, as in traditional Boulle, the cabinetmaker employs materials such as stained and colored woods along with metal accents to create a similar aesthetic effect. The technique involves cutting intricate designs or patterns in one material, then placing the other material into the spaces created. The contrasting materials are then glued together, creating a striking and visually appealing design. Counter-Boulle is often used in the production of cabinets, chests, and other high-end furniture pieces.
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