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What is the meaning of the furniture term Coffee Table?

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Answer: Low, wide table used before a couch or sofa.
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Home decoration items more or less related to the term Coffee Table

Cloud Gray Coffee Table

Cloud Gray Coffee Table Solid mahogany coffee table is based on the forms rococo architecture. The body gives
Low Oval Coffee Table Green

Low Oval Coffee Table Green This iconic table features a cast-aluminum base with abrasion-resistant rilsan finish
Coffee Table Drawers Rectangular

Coffee Table Drawers Rectangular Rectangular coffee table with s in antique mahogany, with carved brass caps to the feet.
Coffee Table Classic Dining Armchair Bench

Coffee Table Classic Dining Armchair Bench Includes bahama rectangular coffee table, classic 3 seater bench with arms and classic
Positano Coffee Table Bundle

Positano Coffee Table Bundle Update your deck or patio area with this attractive positano wicker coffee table.

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