What is the meaning of the furniture term Bouillotte Table?

A Fench, small, round table, made for the game with same name. A Bouillotte table is a type of small, round table typically used in French interior design. It originated in the early 18th century and was popularized during the reign of Louis XV. The name Bouillotte comes from the French word bouillir, meaning to boil, as these tables were originally designed to hold small, lidded dishes used for keeping drinks warm. A Bouillotte table usually has a single drawer or multiple drawers, providing storage for playing cards, game pieces, or other small items. The top of the table is often surrounded by a brass or bronze gallery, creating a raised edge that helps prevent items from falling off. These tables are generally made of wood, with delicate carvings and decorative details. They often feature cabriole legs, which are curved and ornate, adding an elegant touch to the overall design. The most common wood types used for Bouillotte tables include mahogany, beech, and walnut. Over time, the Bouillotte table has evolved to become a versatile and functional piece of furniture. While it still maintains its original purpose as a gaming table, it is also used as a side table or accent piece in various interior styles.
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