What is the meaning of the furniture term Besellium?

Besellium is a furniture term referring to a Roman seat designed for two persons. In Roman culture, seating arrangements were an essential part of social gatherings, dining, and other events. The design of Besellium reflects the Roman emphasis on communal sitting and the importance of interpersonal relationships.

The word Besellium is derived from the Latin word bis meaning two and sellium meaning seat. It is sometimes also known as Bi sella which means double seat. This term perfectly describes the purpose and function of the furniture.

In terms of its physical characteristics, the Besellium typically consists of a large, elongated seat with a high backrest. The seat is wide enough to accommodate two people comfortably, providing ample space for both individuals to sit side by side. The high backrest ensures proper support for the users' backs, enhancing comfort and relaxation.

Beselliums were often crafted from high-quality and durable materials such as wood, stone, or metal, showcasing the craftsmanship and attention to detail present in Roman furniture. They were meticulously carved and embellished with decorative elements like intricate patterns and motifs, reflecting the artistic tastes of the era.

The positioning of a Besellium within a room or space was significant. It was often placed in the central area of a gathering or dining room, highlighting its importance as a symbol of social interaction and togetherness. The seating arrangement on the Besellium also played a role in establishing the hierarchy and social relationships between individuals, with the most esteemed guests seated on the best seats.

Beselliums were not only used in private homes but were also commonly found in public spaces like bathhouses, theaters, and even banquet halls. Their presence in such places indicates their widespread use and popularity throughout Roman society.

The utilization of Besellium as a seating arrangement emphasized the Roman value of conviviality. It promoted a sense of unity and camaraderie by encouraging close physical proximity and direct interaction between people. Sitting on a Besellium provided an opportunity for intimate conversations, shared experiences, and strengthened personal connections.

Besellium is a term used to describe a Roman seat designed for two persons. It represents the Roman emphasis on communal sitting, social interaction, and the importance of interpersonal relationships. With its distinctive design, durability, and artistic embellishments, the Besellium played a significant role in Roman gatherings, both in private homes and public spaces.
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